We know text and content

passad ai trade winds

The Swedish author Harry Martinson wrote repeatedly about the passad winds – the trade winds that connected all parts of the earth. They allowed ships to travel long distances and exchanges to take place. In fact, the trade winds were a prerequisite for the emergence of our interconnected world of goods and services.

Text and content are like the trade winds. They connect people and make our exchanges understandable.

Our founder has a background in sales, marketing and as a novelist. And a number of our copywriters are published authors. With such a literary touch, you’d think we’d want to highlight our level of creativity as our unique selling point.

On the contrary. We believe in creativity, but what makes us truly unique as content creators is that we also rely on data and language models based on Artificial Intelligence.

våra copywriters är författare
det krävs teamwork för content

It’s simple really: your business needs copy. It needs to serve a purpose. Ideally, it generates traffic that becomes leads, which can be converted into real customers.

And we have the tools to know exactly how to do it. From how long the texts should be, to what they should be about, to what words should be included. This ensures that the content created by our team is relevant, accurate and measurable. Then we add creativity to the mix. As a little something extra.

passad ai plattform för content hacking
content as a service platform

Content as a Service

Content that is exactly what the customer wants is our motto. With a data-driven approach to content creation, we analyse your target audience, search behaviours and competitors. We specialise in creating content that generates traffic and leads. That’s why we combine data, AI tools and copywriters to create large amounts of unique, relevant and effective content focused on results. It makes your content strategy measurable, sustainable and successful.